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The Artec Space Spider

3D scanner for industrial use with metrological precision

Introduce this hands-free, automated solution into your workflow to quickly and cost-effectively build hundreds of realistic 3D models.

With the Artec Space Spider 3D scanner mounted on a UR3 robotic arm, discover a whole new way to scan items with this groundbreaking 3D scanning gadget. Unlike manually handled handheld 3D scanning devices, this 3D scanning arm not only takes data automatically, but also faster and more accurately than a person.

Time-consuming physical labor is no longer required thanks to automation. You can digitize vast volumes of objects with exceptional accuracy thanks to the high degree of repetition of data capture. RoboticScan is a valuable tool in a variety of applications, including quality control, e-commerce, and interactive museum collections, because it offers more control and faster results than manual 3D capture and eliminates the danger of human error.

See the RoboticScan in action:

Two advanced operating modes and features of the RoboticScan:

Fixed trajectory capturing mode with programmability

This necessitates the operator entering scanning path information. Using the programed mode is a wonderful way to capture predetermined categories of things in huge volumes, which is especially useful for applications like quality control and taking measurements at manufacturing facilities, such as on conveyor belts, where items must be scanned precisely and quickly.

Autonomous intellectual scanning

RoboticScan performs intelligent path planning, analyzing an object's surface and ensuring that all required data is acquired in order to generate a precise 3D model. The program reroutes the scanner to scan the required sections if it misses parts of the object's surface. This ensures that the complete object is captured. The software then automatically reconstructs the object and uploads it to the cloud. This mode comes in handy when scanning big groups of objects of various shapes and sizes, such as museum exhibitions or archeological artifacts.