• TrackScan-P 3D System

    The TrackScan-P hand held laser scanning that is extremely accurate without the need for targets.

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TrackScan-P 3D System

TrackScan-P was designed with high-resolution cameras and sophisticated optical tracking measurement to precisely measure items without the use of reference targets. For 3D scanning large-scale items, this optical 3D measuring equipment, which consists of a portable 3D scanner and an optical tracker E-Track, works well. In a variety of fields including aircraft, automobile, rail transportation, and manufacturing, it can be used for quality control, product development, reverse engineering, and more.
It can enable expandable apps when combined with other modules. It can be used in conjunction with an auxiliary light module to examine the machining holes, grooves, and circles on stamping parts. It performs exact contact measurements for edges, circles, and grooves using a portable T-Probe. It is the best option for intelligent and automated 3D inspection when installed into a robot arm.
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Accurate Edge Detection

Instant edge identification is a standout feature of TrackScan. Without importing original CAD models, users can view the circles, grooves, and machined holes of stamping parts in various finishes online. Its gray value measurement and optional auxiliary light module enable effective edge identification. Delivering precise and consistent hole placements and sizes ensures accurate measurements.


Unmatched speed and attention to detail

The TrackScan adapts to various scanning scenarios with a precision of up to 0.025 mm and an extremely quick measurement rate of up to 2,600,000 measurements/s by freely switching between distinct working modes. It captures details effectively because to its seven parallel blue laser lines. The efficient 3D data collection of deep holes and difficult-to-reach places is the goal of a single blue laser line.


Optical Tracking for Instant 3D Scanning

Using the optical tracking feature of the TrackScan-P 3D system, customers may begin scanning right away without needing to place targets, thus increasing efficiency and lowering expenses.


Excellent Adaptability

It is strong and dependable because it is made of aerospace-grade materials. It also features a potent anti-interference capacity that allows it to function without interruption regardless of vibrations or temperature changes. TrackScan is effective in gathering 3D data of reflective and dark surfaces because of its sophisticated algorithm.

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TrackScan-P Tech Specs

 Accuracy Up to 0.025 mm
 Measurement rateUp to 2,600,000 measurements/s  
 Scanning area Up to 500 mm x 600 mm
 Laser class CLASS II (eye-safe)
 Resolution0.020 mm
 Stand-off distance300 mm 
 Depth of field400 mm 

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Services for rigorous calibration

A dedicated calibration laboratory with ISO 17025 accreditation exists at SCANTECH. According to the requirements of ISO 17025 accreditation, the laboratory is staffed with qualified technicians to carry out calibration for the 3D scanners we make.
The SIMSCAN 3D scanners' calibration and acceptance test are based on JJF 1951 specifications and VDI/VDE 2634 standard. These 3D scanners will be given accuracy certificates that are completely traceable and accepted worldwide.
To ensure that Scantech's management system and product quality meet ISO/IEC 17025 standards, our metrology laboratory is devoted to ongoing improvement. To ensure the dependability and high caliber of our goods, we have a skilled calibration team and experienced service engineers who have a thorough understanding of the procedures and software required for accurate calibration.

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