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    The PartPro120 xP is a great desktop printer for high resolution parts in minutes.

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PartPro120 xP

Ultra Fast Film 3D Printing

XYZPrinting is a 3D printing manufacturer producing professional printers. The PartPro120 xP provided ultra fast film in 3D printing technology. This PartPro120 xP is able to complete a 3cm-tall part in about 10 minutes. This DLP-based printer, offers print time the same whether it is printing one part or ten parts. XYZprinting says that this 3D printer is up to 75 times fast than other DLP printers. This printer is great for engineering professionals, that are tired of the old 3D printers that are always jammed. Not this 3D printer, the PartPro120 will not waste your time and will allow you to get back to doing your job! 

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The PartPro120 xP offers a resolution of 25 / 50 / 100 micron.


PartPro120 xP build volume 114 x 64 x 100 mm.

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Operation with Intuition

The PartPro120 xP comes with a 5" color touch screen display that makes controlling the machine simple. USB cable, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet are all options for connectivity.


More Applications with a Larger Build Volume

In comparison to the PartPro100 xP, the PartPro120 xP has a 2.4 times bigger build volume. Larger pieces with a faster pace of manufacture.


Excellent Surface Finish and Resolution

The PartPro120 xP is a great platform for creating components with flawless and smooth finishes, with an X/Y resolution of 60 microns.


Printing Speed is Exceptionally Fast

UFFTM Technology enables 3D printing with high resolution and throughput.

DLP Technology / UFFTM (Ultra Fast Film)

UV light (UV) is reflected and focused on the surface of the photosensitive resin polymerized layer by layer using a digital micromirror device. UFFTM Technology also enables high-volume 3D printing.

Printed Rings

The enhanced castable resin from XYZprinting improves the effectiveness and performance of the jewelry creation process while also presenting excellent casting quality.

Printed Toothbrush Handle

On one construction plate, there are four sections, and the printing time is under 20 minutes. It can be printed and formed into part prototypes.

Printed HiSkin Case

There are two sections on a single construction plate, and the printing duration is around 15 minutes. The craftsmanship and assembly of the case are excellent.

PartPro120 xP Software


It generates support structures automatically using a clever algorithm and also allows you to manually design them.

Using the right materials for the job

 XYZprinting offers a diverse selection of materials, ensuring that you'll always be able to locate the proper material for external components or model pieces.     

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PartPro120 xP Printing Properties

 Build Volume114 x 64 x 100 mm
Layer Resolution25 / 50 / 100 micron
XY Resolution 60 micron 
 Light Source
UV LED λ 405 nm
Power Requirement100 - 240V 50/60Hz 120W 
 Product Dimensions470 x 398 x 745 mm (18.5 x 15.7 x 29.3 inch) 
Material CompatibilityProHighTemp+ / ProBlueHS / ProFlex / ProUtility / ProAccure / Eeezact+ 
 Printing Software
 Operating SystemWindows 
 Supported File Formats.stl / .igs / .stp / XYZ format (.3ws / .3wn) 

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