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    Artec Leo, Wireless 3D Scanning Powered by AI

    Artec Leo is now powered by NVIDIA Jetson TX2, Artec Leo's UI is even smoother and faster than ever before.

Finally, 3D Scanning Without the Wires

The 2022 Artec Leo has more than double the power of its predecessor and ensures accuracy at every turn - you're set up for success right away.

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Connect To Leo From Anywhere

Now you can connect just by having a network connection to monitor scan progress live from ANY device. The next-level of portability is here.

Artec Leo Can Go Where No Other 3D Scanner Can Go

From the top of the tower to the depths of the underground utilities, there is nowhere Leo can be stopped from capturing 3D data. Just grab the Leo and go!

Wireless Scanning + AI Changes The Game

Artec Leo is the first totally wireless and self-contained professional 3D scanner designed to make scanning as simple as possible. It's the ultimate all-in-one 3D scanning solution for fast, accurate, and high-quality data capture, with the new NVIDIA Jetson TX2 processor inside, as well as a 5" HD built-in display and battery.

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    ​Artec Leo Technical Specs

    3D Point Resolutionup to, 0.2mm 3D Point Accuracyup to, 0.1mm
     ProcessingOn-board real time processingColor Resolution2.3 Megapixels
     Volume Capture Zone160,000 cubic centimetersPosition SensorsBuilt-in 9 DoF inertial system
    3D Reconstruction Rate80 Frames per SecondMulti-core processingNVIDIA Jetson TX2
    Power SourceRechargable Battery on boardConnectivityWIreless, ethernet, SD Card
    Display Built-in touch panel screenStructured Light SourceVCSEL

    Massive 3D Scanning Area

    Leo can scan the greatest range of things in the industry, from a specific automotive component to an entire vehicle. As the only wireless 3D Scanner in the game, users take this 3D scanner from uncharted territories where scientists discover new findings, to an crime scene to document forensic evidence in a whole new way. Learn why Leo is the scanner you've been waiting for.

    Working distance: 0.35 – 1.2 m

    Linear field of view, H×W @ closest range: 244 × 142 mm
    Linear field of view, H×W @ furthest range: 838 × 488 mm
    Angular field of view, H×W: 38.5 × 23°

    Artec Leo's massive scanning capabilities can be taken anywhere you need them thanks to an all-new, cloud-connected, WiFi-enabled, and entirely cable-free design. With a tilting, interactive screen that displays a real-time replica with color-coded signals to assist you capture precise scans every time, you'll have complete control.

    No computer. No cables. Scan anytime, anywhere.

    Point and scan: let Leo take it from here

    Our Leo is the easiest 3D scanner to use thanks to interactive real-time scanning hints, a hybrid target-free tracking technology, and smart scanning modes for faster data processing. Simply pick it up, point it at the object you want to scan, and press the start button. Leo will take it from here. 

    No targets needed

    For steady scanning, Leo's state-of-the-art hybrid geometry and texture tracking eliminates the need for any additional equipment such as targets or markers. Simply point it at the object and begin scanning. It's that simple.

    Color coordinated scanning

    Leo has visual cues in place to help you preserve the ideal distance to the object during scanning and hence capture more data in less time. If you hold the scanner too close to the surface, it will seem red on Leo's screen, and if you hold it too far away, it will appear blue. And what if it's a shade of green? Everything is in order; you're doing everything correctly. 

    Cover every inch with Leo

    On the display, a smart surface quality indicator shows you which parts have been entirely caught and which require more attention, such as more frames or coverage from alternative perspectives. It also warns you if you're scanning too quickly or holding the scanner too far away from you.

    Smart scanning

    Leo gathers exactly the data you need, thanks to patented AI technology - allowing only what you want captured and leaving everything else out.

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    Our partners throughout the world are ready to give you a demo and show you how Leo can revolutionize your workflow, whether it's online or in person.

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    Cable free with data transferring information 

    Leo's unique features include a compact design, long-lasting battery, interactive touch screen, scan-to-cloud, WiFi connectivity, and remote control, all of which combine to provide you with all of the scanning and data transfer functionality you need right from the device itself, without the need for additional devices, power, or data cables.

    5.5" Interactive touch screen panel

    You can manage your device, scanning process, and scan results using Leo's user-friendly interface. The touch screen creates a real-time copy that you can interact with while scanning, highlighting areas that require attention and assisting you in getting the best results as quickly as possible.

    Real 3D model preview in real-time

    Forget about connecting your gadget to a computer to view scan data. As you scan, Leo's dynamic touch screen displays a real-time replica, complete with visual aids that show you the data quality in various areas of your scan.

    Tilt screen mobility 

    Because of Leo's tiny and ergonomic design, it can already scan in confined areas and at odd angles. The interactive display also tilts to give you additional flexibility and movement, allowing you to use the scanner in a variety of ways.

    Accurate every-time

    Throughout the scanning process, the 2022 Artec Leo maintains a constant and optimal temperature, bringing your precision to the next level, while a calibration certificate and Leo Calibration Kit ensure high quality is maintained at all times.

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    Scanning like never before.
    ​Unprecedented achievement.

    Leo is unlike any other scanner in terms of performance, accuracy, and durability, thanks to the most power-efficient embedded NVIDIA Jetson TX2 processor and state-of-the-art algorithms.

    2x Higher resolution in HD Mode

    Your scan data's resolution is increased by 2x while noise is removed for you, resulting in the cleanest noise-free 3D model possible. With improved reconstruction and edge curvatures, hard-to-reach places and difficult-to-scan surfaces such as thin ridges or sharp corners are now easier to capture than ever before. Don't even think about texture bias – there's no place for misleading geometry from a high-contrast texture in this case. Expect incredibly high-resolution 3D models that are true to life.

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    For outstanding color and geometry representation.

    Leo is equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows him to record rich texture, respond to changing lighting conditions, and execute exact texture-to-geometry mapping. Leo has a two-in-one optical system, an integrated supercomputer on a module, 9-degree-of-freedom position sensors, and variable-flash-intensity VCSEL light technology.

    Bring your photogrammetry to the next level.

    Using scan data from Artec Leo and photographs from your own camera, take CGI photogrammetry to the next level. Bring it all together in one step in Artec Studio to create gorgeous, lifelike 3D models with correct geometry and the texture quality you choose.

    Leo's software is both versatile and dependable.

    This flexible scanner is now more capable than ever, thanks to Artec Studio and Artec Cloud connectivity. With a dedicated API and SDK, you can scan directly to the cloud, manage the scanner remotely, and even design your own functionality. Leo is also updated on a regular basis with performance and stability improvements.

    Artec Design Studio 

    Artec Studio's transformative capabilities enable you to work faster by speeding up the data collecting process and easily passing your scan data to Artec Studio for mesh-to-CAD analysis, primitive-fitting, and other enhanced procedures.

    Leo can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

    Leo's agility has improved by one level. New remote control features provide what is already a fully mobile device new freedom. You may access Leo remotely, watch the scanning process, control the scanner, and manage projects and target clouds using only your browser.

    Create your own features. There are no limits to what you can do.

    Leo may now be expanded even further thanks to a dedicated API and SDK. You can create functionality that interacts with the scanner's state, works with target clouds, and maintains projects if you have access to the scanner's settings and parameters.

    Collaborate. Anywhere.

    You are no longer limited by location or hardware using Leo's scan-to-cloud capability. Team members can add their knowledge to the same project just from their browsers, from anywhere in the world. While you're on the way back from the field, your scans can be processed, and parallel projects can run at the same time.

    With a single scanning system, you can capture small details as well as massive pieces.

    Leo's capture zone is 160,000 cm cubed, making it quite adaptable in terms of size. It excels in capturing medium-sized items and surfaces (20-50 cm) as well as large objects and surfaces (50-200 cm). However, when used in conjunction with a powerful computer, it can handle even very large items (200+ cm) or entire spaces, such as rooms or crime scenes.

    Standard objects use with Leo:

    • Gearboxes, castings
    • Furniture and room interiors 
    • Statues, and the human body
    • Crime scenes
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    More than double the power is now available.

    Wireless scanning, intelligent data capturing, and so much more, all in the palm of your hand? It's time to reconsider the capabilities of a scanner.

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