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    Target-free 3D Scanning as accurate as 0.05 mm

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The Artec Space Spider

3D scanner for industrial use with metrological precision

Artec Space Spider is a high-resolution 3D scanner based on blue light technology that is a new and improved precision equipment for CAD users and engineers. It's ideal for capturing high-resolution details of little objects or intricate details of massive industrial goods in steady accuracy and bright color.

The capacity of the scanner to render complicated geometry, sharp edges, and tiny ribs distinguishes our technology. It's a great industrial 3D scanner for collecting high-resolution objects like molding parts, PCBs, keys, coins, or even a human ear, then exporting the finished 3D model to CAD software.

The technology in this powerful 3D scanner has been fine-tuned to offer the highest possible scan and quality in a 3D scanner.

Artec Space Spider Price: $24,800 US

Special Pricing for Research & Education 

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Accuracy of up to 0.05 mm can be achieved, without the use of targets.

High-precision capture of small objects or fine detail

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Artec 3D applications & scanners

In domains like reverse engineering, quality control, product design, and production, Space Spider offers nearly limitless possibilities.

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3D High point accuracy

Create finely detailed 3D models of small industrial components or portions of larger objects. 

Fast speed scanning
​7.5 fps

It doesn't have to take a long time to achieve high accuracy. The Artec Space Spider can process a million points per second!

3D Resolution
​0.1 mm

Capture the geometry of your goods with incredible accuracy. Space Spider can pick up so much information that it can even render the ridges of your fingerprint.

Textured resolution
​1.3 Mpx

Make 3D reproductions of your object in vivid color.

Data acquisition with long-term consistency

This next-generation industrial 3D scanner features powerful temperature stabilization and high-grade electronics, and was originally constructed to spec for the International Space Station. This not only allows the scanner to reach maximum accuracy in three minutes but also provides long-term repeatability in data acquisition, since the accuracy rate of the instrument is not impacted by fluctuations in ambient circumstances.

Space Spider tech specs

3D accuracy  0.05 mm
 3D resolution 0.1 mm
 Object sizeStarting from 5 mm 
 Target-free tracking Geometry hybrid and color based
 Full color scanningYes
 Output formats Popular formats, including PLY, STL, and OBJ
 3D reconstruction rate 8 FPS
 Weight of scanner 0.8 kg

Safe to use with blue light technology

The blue structured light technology used for scanning humans and inanimate items is completely safe.

Compatible with batteries for true portability

Connect the lightweight, 0.85kg 3D scanner to the Artec battery pack, which provides up to 6 hours of power, and you can scan practically anywhere, even in areas where there is no source of electricity.

Easy integration and bundling

Several 3D scanners can be combined and synced together to capture larger items or to create an automatic scanning system. Using the free Artec Scanning SDK, you may integrate the scanners into your own bespoke solutions for industrial applications.

No calibration & targets. Just point and shoot

No need for preparation, just plug in the scanner and point it around the item as you would with a video camera. Simple.

Artec Space Spider is used to create a high-accuracy 3D model.

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