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    The PartPro100 xP has high resolution for small parts where details and accuracy are crucial.

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PartPro100 xP

Digital Light Processing

XYZPrinting is a 3D printing manufacturer producing professional printer. This 3D printer uses DLP (Digital Light Processing). To create a 3D printed object, an LCD screen which solidifies of photo-sensitive resin. This desktop 3D printer has several sort of resin, including rigid, tough, and standard resin. PartPro100 xP is very budget friendly, making it a must buy for anyone looking to develop refinement through multiple platform prototyping. The PartPro100 xP will not waste your time and will allow you to get back to doing your job! 

Special Pricing for Research & Education 

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The PartPro100 xP offers a resolution of 50 microns.


PartPro100 xP build volume is 64 x 40 x 120 mm.

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A Diverse Set of Applications

The PartPro100 xP is the most affordable DLP-based high-resolution 3D printer on the market. It is a must-have for anyone refining product development via various platform prototypes due to the high quality of the output.


Plastic Parts of Excellent Quality

To provide great quality and short production times, the PartPro100 xP uses DLP technology. There just isn't a better solution for small parts than DLP technology.


Material of Professional Quality

Professional-grade plastic resin is used in the PartPro100 xP. It has a strong surface quality, making it ideal for prototyping small pieces.

DLP Technology

UV light (UV) is reflected and focused on the surface of the photosensitive resin polymerized layer by layer using a digital micromirror device.

Printed Rings

The thin structure and smooth surface are beautifully presented, with all of the original design's fine features. It's a huge step forward for traditional jewelry creation, as well as a boon to bespoke businesses.

3D Pen cover

High-speed printing allows for more design options.

3D RJ45 connector

This device is a physical network interface that connects telecommunications systems. PartPro100 xP provides accurate and customizable parts that require precision.

PartPro100 xP


Support structures are automatically generated using a clever algorithm, but you can also manually design them.

Using the right materials for the job

 XYZprinting offers a diverse selection of materials, ensuring that you'll always be able to locate the proper material for external components or model pieces.     

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PartPro100 xP Printing Properties

Light Source
UV LED λ 405 nm
 XY Resolution50 micron
Power Requirement100V - 240V 60W
Product Dimensions290 x 360 x 430 mm
 Material Compatibility  ProForm / ProUtility / ProAccure / ProHighTemp / Eeezcast / Eeezcast+
Printing SoftwareXYZprint AMUV
Operating SystemWindows
Supported File Formats.stl / .igs / .stp / XYZ format (.3ws / .3wn)

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