​Artec 3D Scanners

Artec 3D Scanners are some of the fastest 3D Scanners in the industry. No need for target stickers here, just grab a handheld scanner and start scanning, in full color! Need to capture massive objects Artec Ray can do it from over 100 meters away, or capture even the most miniature features with the Artec Micro. 

​Scantech 3D Scanners

SCANTECH 3D laser scanners are breaking the price barrier for engineering companies looking for metrology-grade 3D Scanners. Blue laser triangulation is raising the standard in the industry but not all laser scanners are equal. SCANTECH 3D scanners have the fastest data acquisition speeds, larger field of view, and even built-in photogrammetry, at a fraction of the other guys price.
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Artec 3D Scanner Technology3D Scanner TypeObject SizesAccuracyLevel of Detail
 Artec Leo VSCELWireless HandheldMedium to Large0.1 mm / 0.004inMedium Feature Detail
 Artec Space Spider Stuctured Blue LightUSB HandheldSmall0.05 mm / 0.002in High Feature Detail
 Artec Eva Structured White LightUSB HandheldMedium0.1 mm / 0.004inMedium Feature Detail
 Artec RayLidarWireless or USB / Tripod Extremely Large0.7 mm / 9/32 inch Medium Feature Detail 
 Artec MicroBlue LEDDesktop USBVery Small0.01 mm / 0.0004 inch Extremely High Detail
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Scantech 3D Scanner Technology3D Scanner TypeObject SizesAccuracyLevel of Detail
SCANTECH Simscan3030 Class 2 Blue LasersUSB Handheld Small to MediumUp to 0.020 mm
(Hyperfine) High Feature Detail
SCANTECH Axe B1112 Class 2 Blue Lasers + Photogrammetry
USB HandheldLargeUp to 0.020 mmMedium to High Feature Detail
SCANTECH KScan Magic 30 Class 2 Blue Lasers + 11 Infrared + Photogrammetry
USB HandheldSmall to Very Large (infrared)Up to 0.020 mm(Hyperfine) High Feature Detail
SCANTECH Trackscan P4242 Class 2 Blue LasersUSB Handheld + Device TrackingSmall to LargeUp to 0.025 mm (0.064 mm up to 10.4 m³)(Hyperfine) High Feature Detail
SCANTECH AutoscanUp to 42 Class 2 Blue Lasers
Robotic + USB + Device Tracking
Small to LargeUp to Accuracy
0.020 mm
(Hyperfine) High Feature Detail