• 3D Scanning Services

Have a project that needs 3D scanning or Reverse Engineering?

We have your back! Our 3D Scanning team can come on-site, or you can send us your parts, and we will scan them for you! Our team of software Engineers can handle reverse engineering the scanned files into full featured, editable solid models. We can help you capture competitive benchmarks, part re-creation or archiving of legacy parts with no CAD, aftermarket components, and much more!

DO you have a project that needs design changes but there is no CAD data to edit? 3D Scanning can help, we can digitize nearly any object and convert it to CAD surfaces for you. Get a fully parametric model for nearly any major CAD platform. No need to grab the calipers and have highly talented engineers spending valuable time trying to measure features and figure out how to re-construct freeform surfaces, we can do it all, in a fraction of the time. 

3D Scanning Applications of those we have helped recently: 
 Reverse EngineeringIndustrial Design and ManufacturingHealthcareScience and EducationArt and Design
 Using Artec 3D Scanning technology to keep Dutch Royal Navy ships in ideal conditionArtec's 3D Space Spider Simplifies Food Packaging-Making Methods Creating customized orthopedics products using Artec EvaFuturistic VR medical training technologies of tomorrow to change the way the medicine is taught3D visualization studio uses Eva to develop a Sleepy Hollow character
 Replicating parts of a construction machine with Artec Eva and Geomagic Design X Fitness test for old water pipes Custom products for the disabled  Digitizing the frontiers if research: 3D scanning at hominid excavation sites in Kenya Creating 3D models for CGI the fast way
 3D scanning and reverse engineering streamline original furniture design and production Eva cast in starring role at leading foundry with portable part inspection Artec Eva 3D scanner is used to develop ergonomic exoskeletons  3D scanning with Artec enriches learning experience at Mid-Pacific Institute  3D scanning saves Czech artwork from being lost for good
 Production of automotive floor Scanning a 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E Maxillofacial surgery Identifying footprints: Forensics of 21st century Scanning artifacts at a major Peruvian history museum
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Our Services Include:

  • 3D Scanning
  • Digital Sculpting
  • 3D Rendering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Part Validation and Report
  • Part Design
  • Concept Modeling
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