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Standalone reverse engineering software that can work with nearly any CAD software

Discovery allows you to answer crucial design problems earlier in the design process by combining interactive modeling and numerous simulation capabilities in a first-of-its-kind package. Because you can explore many design concepts in real time without waiting for simulation results, this upfront approach to simulation saves time and effort on prototyping.

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Level-up on Productivity

Ansys Discovery increases your organization's ROI by answering critical design questions early in the process, reducing engineer labor and physical prototyping costs. While enhancing design and ideation emphasis, upfront simulation decreases prototype and testing needs and eliminates engineering change orders.
  • Thermal-Fluid Analysis: As you alter models, tweak input parameters, or switch out materials, real-time modeling and data within your 3D model via Ansys Discovery provides temperature distribution data.
  • Fluid Analysis: To better understand fluid dynamics, use the speed of live physics in Discovery, then analyze using the embedded Fluent solver for enhanced fidelity and confidence.
  • Parameter Studies: Run parameter studies to examine choices simultaneously and analyze the trade-offs of various designs to improve your product.
  • Geometry Modeling: Ansys Discovery's speed is evident throughout the software, delivering quick feedback on even the most difficult modal analysis. 
  • Topology Optimization: Ansys Discovery includes the world's first interactive topology optimization tool, which finds design options without making you wait, a solution that's about more than simply speed.
  • Structural & Model Analysis: The Ansys Discovery simulations process encourages participatory testing of design concepts by providing near-instant simulation results.
  • Modal Analysis: Ansys Discovery's speed is evident throughout the software, delivering quick feedback on even the most difficult modal analysis.

A New Design Process

Engineers may swiftly build models for simulation or create design variations with Ansys Discovery 3D product simulation software, all while rapidly exploring different design possibilities with real-time interactivity. Simulating products in advance increases product understanding and results in a more efficient and high-performing end.